Saturday, 1 March 2008

Labour Conference @ ICC, Birmingham

This week there was Labour Conference in Birmingham. Today, Gordon Brown was coming to Birmingham to make a speech.

Because of it, the traffic around the ICC, where the conference was being held, was strictly controlled.

This is Broad Street closed by the Police.

Broad Street, Birmingham during the Labour Conference

Part of the Canal side walk was also closed/

And Hyatt Hotel. It was completely surrounded by the blockade. Probably either part of the conference was held in the hotel, or many important people were staying there.

Hyatt Hotel, Birmingham

And this is the ICC itself.

Labour Conference at ICC

Also completely enclosed.

The conference seems to have finished in peace, but, later, I saw this between Bullring and Pavilion.

Fire at Waterstone's

It looked there was a fire in Waterstone's, and some firefighters were entering into the building. It did not seem anything serious, though.