Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Farmers' Market at University of Birmingham

Today there was Farmers' Market at the University of Birmingham. I never grasped when it is held, but if today's was the regular one, it should occur every third Tuesday of the month (don't trust me; I will verify this next month!)

It is a small market of 10 or 12 stalls, but I recognised some familiar faces. There was not only the ubiquitous Ostrich Burguer shop, but also Hilltop Farm, Parson's Nose (sausages, but the choice was limited), Woodhouse Farm, and the apple guy whom I saw in Moseley and Stratford farmers' market.

Besides, there are a soup shop, a green grocer, a sauce shop, an ice cream shop, a baker, a cheese shop, a pie shop, and another butcher.

It is convenient if you work there or live nearby.

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