Monday, 17 March 2008

Pierogi (Polish dumplings)

This Saturday, I went to a Polish grocery shop in the city centre to get the address so that I can list it on my "international grocers" page. And as I was there, I decided to buy something, but unfortunately, husband is on Lenten fasting and I could not buy anything dairy, meat, or fish.

In the end I found this: pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms. Sounds Vegan.

Pierogi are Polish dumplings, and should be a cousin of Italian ravioli and Chinese giaozi.


One packet contains 400 g. of Pierogi, and the price is £1.60 no matter what is the filling.

The package was saying that these could be eaten cold or hot (microwaved or deep-fried). I guess I could have boiled them, but decided to reheat with tomato sauce.

(You might wonder why I was having ravioli with rice; well, combining various carbohydrates is what happens often to us during the Lenten period).

They had a pretty thick skin, and carbo-heavy (the package says that the skin does not contain butter or egg - banned items during the Lenten fasting), but they were sufficiently pleasant. They might have gone well also in soup.

Mushroom and Sauerkraut pierogi

This is how it looked when I cut it in the middle with folk. The cabbage was actually the pickled version (Sauerkraut). Although I did not recognise the mushrooms visibly, they did taste of mushroom, possibly dried porcini.

We both liked them, and will buy again.