Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mashwii Arabian Restaurant in Small Heath

Yesterday, we went to Mashwii Arabian Restaurant in Small Heath for lunch. We did go there, but we didn't eat, as it was closed. At least, however, I took some photos.

Their website tells us that they are open from the noon, but to tell you the truth, I have heard that it is not open at noon. It seems to open some time after the noon, but I don't know when. Pity.

Outside, I saw this banner publicising buffet dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4 to 11 PM, for £8.95. I am not a buffet person, but it might be a good occasion to try out as many dishes as possible.

N.B. This photo is taken on 28 April 2008; I cannot guarantee if this offer is still valid at the moment you read this post. Please call to make sure. Phone number is 0121 766 5300.

You can find the address on the page below.


Instead, we went to a Somalian restaurant, and had a great meal only for £5. I am not sure, however, if I write a review, if it is not a place for anybody.

Monday, 28 April 2008

New entries from the 23rd to the 28th April

Here are the new entries from the 23rd to the 28th April.

Restaurant Guide

Lumbini Nepalese Restaurant

This one is not in Birmingham, but in Studley, near Redditch. The food was fine, but what we remember the most is our waiter. Read the reason in the review!

England for Food Lovers

I wrote a report, but it is not in England.

Cothi Valley Goats of Carmarthenshire

I found this cheese in Ludlow, but, evidently, I can find it also in Birmingham. I have to check it out next month.

Have a nice week, everyone!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Woktastik in Paradise

I have always thought Paradise Forum is an ironic name, as it has little to remind me of Paradise (but they finally removed that terrible rotating door, wow!).

Going out from Paradise Forum toward the Centenary Square, on the left side, there used to be an Italian restaurant called La Vita, which many might remember as its former incarnation, La Galleria. It has been closed for many months, but finally the premises are taken by a new tenant (which is selling the tables and chairs of La Vita, if you are interested).

It is called Woktastic Noodle and Sushi Bar. However terrible its name, it looks more suitable for the clientel of the area than an expensive Italian restaurant. If they serve half-decent sushi (I don't mind belt-conveyor one), I might go, too. Looking forward to see what they will offer.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

St. George's Day in Birmingham

Today there was St. George's Day festival in Birmingham. St. George's Day really is the 24th April, but as it happens often to the religious festivals in UK, the festive activities are moved to the weekend so that those who work or go to school during the weekdays can participate. I don't think I have to say St. George is the patron saint of England, but I have already done. ha ha ha.

As it was such a sunny, warm, and wonderful day, I took some pictures.

This is a concert stage in the Victoria Square.

When I passed walking, a band was playing what I would recognise as Irish music. BUT, as I don't know "English" music, it might well have been "English" music.

Next, Mary-go-round. There was a lot of children riding it.

Mary-go-round is very shiny. Its decoration has something very baroque about it.

At the same time there was another evening in Chamberlain Square. These are the guys who were preparing for Morris Dance performance.

It is interesting that the Morris dancers ware cheerful (non manly) garment and bare objects usually associated with women (flower, handkerchief, ribbons). There should be explanations to it.

When I was there, childen and some adults were performing this.

I don't know what it is called. I see this on tv and in movies from time to time, but I have never grasped what they were doing. It is something that has never introduced in Japan.

It was such a lovely day, and all those who participated in the festival must have enjoyed it to full.

Brasserie Bluu (Birmingham)

Last Sunday I spotted a new restaurant in Summer Row. Near Apres, Menchu and Rajdoot Tandoori.

Bluu, Birmingham

I pass here sometimes, being close to the Orthodox church I go. I think it opened within 2 months. This time, I went close and took a look at the menu (if you don't know yet, menu-reading is one of my favorite hobbies).

Starters range between £4.50 and 6.50, mains mostly between £10 and 15 (but fillet steak is £19), and puddings £5.50. For lunch and afternoon, it serves also sandwiches for £6.50 to 7.50. Rather expensive for Birmingham standard, but not prohibitively so. Some of the items in the menu sound appetizing, like 'Pan fried Scottish Salmon, leek and ginger potato cake, saffron mussel chowder, sauteed spring greens', or 'Pan fried Goosnargh duck breast, sticky red cabbage, parmentier potatoes'. On Sundays, it has a set meal for £12.50 and £15 (2 and 3 course respectively), but it roast-centred and sounds less interesting than a la carte menu.

According to the website, there are also sister restaurants in London, Nottingham and Manchester. Here is the website http://www.bluu.co.uk/ , if you are interested. It is a very artistic (in a video-game sense) website, but it takes some time to give out necessary information, so browse it when you have time. ;)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Farmers' Market at the University of Birmigham Part 2

Today, Farmers' Market was held at the University of Birmingham.

In March, it was held on the third Tuesday, but this time it was the fourth Wednesday. So, there does not seem to be any regularity. Let's see what happens in May and try to work out.

I counted the number of stalls and there are 21. Unfortunately there were not so many customers around, as it is not lecturing period. Some disappeared and some debutted. I did not buy anything, as I am on Lenten fasting (I am doing it only for the last week and this Sunday will be the Orthodox Easter day). I would like to try something maybe on the next market day.

Monday, 21 April 2008

New entries from the 15th to 22th April 2008

These are the new entries from the 15th 22th April to WonderBirmingham.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide


Finally I managed to visit this Nigerian-Kenyan restaurant. Really interesting food; not to miss (well, in a certain sense).

And we returned to this place.

Han Dynasty

Again we found a very nice dish. I need to return in a larger group so that I can try out more dishes.

Have a nice week, everyone!

Monday, 14 April 2008

New entries from the 8th to the 14th April

I am very busy recently and could not find time to write new pages except for this one.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide

Prawn and scallop dumpling

I would like to try also a la carte menu here.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sweet Buns from Birmingham Chinatown

When I went to have dim sum lunch in China Court, I bought also some Chinese sweet buns. I am not sure if I call them "Chinese", purely because I bought from a Chinese bakery, not because they are particularly Chinese in taste.

These are the buns. I paid £2 for three (buy 2 get 1 free).

This is a custard cream bun.

The custard cream was not of the highest quality in a patisserie way, but sufficiently enjoyable.

Then, this is sweet red bean bun.

Sweet red bean paste is made of azuki beans and sugar, which is hugely popular in China and in Japan (and also elsewhere, but I don't know). Some European people find the mixture of beans and sugar disgusting, but some, including my Greek husband, like it.

Lastly, chesnut paste bun.

I expected the chesnut paste to be yellow, as it is usually yellow in Japan, but it was brown, meaning that the paste is made also with brown skin (not to confuse with the brown shell) of chesnut. It was different from what I expected, but was also enjoyable.

In all these three buns, the quantity of filling was not as generous as it is in Japan, but as the bread was so moreish, it was fine nevertheless.

If you have never tried, I recommend you to do so.

I bought these from
China Court Bakery (just below the China Court restaurant)
24 Ladywell Walk, Birmingham, B6 4ST
Tel. 0121-666 7031
Fax. 0121-622 1860

The Chinese bakery next to Day-In Supermarket, and in front of Cafe Soya in Arcadian makes the same kind of things, and just as good.

Monday, 7 April 2008

New entries from the 1st to 7th April

Here are the new entries from the 1st to the 7th April.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide


New Eritrean-Ethiopian-East African restaurant on Bristol Street. Food was very interesting as well as tasty. Recommended.

Tung Lok

Our usual haunt.

And we ate at this restaurant when we visited Ludlow.

The Clive

Have a nice week, everyone!

Friday, 4 April 2008

Ethiopian Restaurant Savannah Birmingham

I found an Ethiopian restaurant from the bus and could not wait for the weekend to visit, so I went with D yesterday.

I have already checked the menu and knew that D, who is doing Orthodox Lenten fasting, can find something to eat. This is how it looks during the day time, but we went there yesterday (Thurs. 4 April, '08).

The signage says it serves Eritrean, Ethiopian and East African cuisine, but I know nothing about the food of this area.

I am going to write a review over the weekend, but for now I can say that the food was good and inexpensive. Only negative thing that I can say was that the food was served lukewarm rather than hot, but D and I both thought there are enough positive points that can compensate. It is also very vegetarian friendly.

It has opened just a month ago. If you want to try something new, please do go! I list the address on the usual Birmingham Restaurant Directory Page.

Post Scriptum: I reviewed this place here.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New entries from 24 to 31 March

These are the new entries to Wonderbirmingham between the 24th to the 31st March. Today may April fool, but this is TRUE. Ha.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide

Lahore Buffet (Balti Triangle)

I am not a fan of buffet restaurant, but in the case of Lahore Buffet (aka Lahore Karahi Buffet), I could see the point. It is true that there are rubbishy dishes, but some are as good as at the best balti houses. Although curries are generally oily, for many people, I think, it is the authentic/traditional way how the Asian cook their curries. If you choose well, you can enjoy nice Pakistani food.

England for Food Lovers

Ludlow Food Centre

Very interesting farm shop, which not only sells, but actually produce its own merchandise. We met the managing director, Sandy, who was behind the creation of Chatsworth Farm Shop.

We did not visit the coffee shop, as I ate at The Clive next door, but next time I want to visit it too.