Sunday, 30 March 2008

Chinese food and chips

Yesterday, D and I went to one of our favorite Chinese diners for dinner, because, according to D, yesterday was the Earth 60 Day (or something like that), and we had to turn off all the lights of the house for 1 hour from 8 to 9 o'clock. I have not heard anything about it from BBC news, but it seems that it was a big thing in Greece and in some other countries.

I really did not want to go out, as it was rainy but D insisted and I gave in. (sigh)

Anyway, the diner was busy, but not full (it is a very small place with less than 20 covers). Every time we come here, we feel as if we are in Hong Kong, and this place serves what I think as the authentic Hongkongese popular food.

While we were eating our lovely food with huge mounds of rice, an Asian young man, in early 20s, came in and tried to order take-away. He chose an egg fried rice, some main dishes that I missed, and lastly he said.

Asian guy: "And chips, please".

Chinese waiter: "Sorry, we don't do chips".

Asian guy: "All right, then".

And he walked out. (At this point, D and I started laughing).

The owner chef, who was not listening to the conversation, asked the waiter what happend. Having been explained what happened, he made face muttering "chips, chips" with thick Chinese accent. Then he walked out from the door.

I don't know what he did outside, but probably he felt disgusted and wanted fresh air. (I don't think he tried to stop the guy, as I have never heard him speaking in English; he would rather have the waiter go, if he wanted so).

This reminds me of my Korean hair-dresser's observation that the British people like Chinese buffet restaurants, because there they can eat Chinese foods with chips.

I don't mind the people eat the food in the way they want, but I also understand the chefs who want the people to eat their food in a certain way. (Reversing the case, I guess no one will be amazed if a French chef feels annoyed, if a Japanese or Chinese customer insists on pouring soy sauce on the food).

Anyway, what happened made me like more this chef.