Sunday, 9 March 2008

New Chocolate shop in Selfridge

Passing Selfridge Food Hall yesterday, I noticed they installed a new chocolate shop. It is called Bouquets de Chocolats, and just behind Yo! Sushi  (now, you should be wondering if there is any such space between Yo! Sushi and Pret a Manger, and you are right; there isn't and they just crammed into it).

Bouquets de Chocolats

It is from Bayonne (town French Basque region) and makes bouquets with chocolates, as well as other small chocolates. One bouquet of 220g costs £10, 440g for £20, and so one. I guess it is expensive, but the price of chocolates changes greatly according to the quality, so I cannot really tell without eating it.

There is also demostration by a chocolatier (well it was a chocolatière when I saw).

I don't like chocolate so much, so I don't think I have chance to buy it. However, this chocolate drink counter looked interesting.

£2.45 for a cup. Even so I should be really hungry to be able to try one, as good chocolate drink is very filling.