Friday, 21 March 2008

More new restaurants in Chinatown area

I am in Easter break from today until Thursday next week. Wow.

As yesterday was like a Friday to me, I decided to go to the Lebanese restaurant Beirut where I have been wanting to go (I reviewed it here), but for one reason or the other, it was put off until yesterday. I will write a review very soon.

Before going to Beirut, I walked around the area between Holloway Circus to Chinatown, and found some new restaurants. I am not sure when I will have a chance to visit them, but here I make a memo about them.

First, the Shisha cafe in the Smallbrook Queensway is not Indian restaurant, "Royal Bengal".

The menu is like the one of usual curry houses; nothing new.

Then, next to Chung Ying Garden (Thorp St.), now there is a large Caribbean buffet restaurant called Cuizene.

When we walked in front at around 9:00 there wasn't anyone eating. It is a bit worrying considering it was practically a "Friday night". We grabbed a flyer, which says, all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for £5.99 and dinner buffet for £11.99 (limited choice during the lunch hours). Not being a big eater, I am not keen of buffet (I feel like losing money!), but I might go to see what's on offer.

Lastly there is a Polish restaurant in Hurst street.

The menu looks rather limited, but I might give it a go very soon.

I posted the addresses and phone numbers of Cuizene and Duet on WonderBirmingham (click here).