Thursday, 13 March 2008

New Chinese Restaurant "Han Dynasty"

This Saturday I went to one of the new Chinese restaurants in Station Road, Han Dynasty 漢朝.

Han Dynasty, Birmingham

I have already posted a review, so you can find the details here.

Again, it is a Sichuan and North-Eastern Chinese restaurant. It might not be obvious to non-Chinese readers, but all the new Chinese places in this area - Jacky's Kitchen, BBQ Village, Han Dynasty, Shangri-La, Red N Hot (these two last are Sichuan only) - are of the same category.

The combination of Sichuan and North East seems a bit odd to me, as they are very distant regions in China.

Anyway, I have now visited all but one (BBQ Village is the only one left), and I can say that most of them are of high standard. I was rather disappointed by Jacky's and I still don't understand why Mr. Paul Fulford (Birmingham Mail) was so impressed. Probably I need to pay it a second visit to evaluate the place better, but, in difference to the real restaurant critics, I have to foot my bill by myself, so I would rather return to the places where I had good meal. So the secret of Jacky's will remain mystery to me.

If you are interested, read my photo-reviews on Shangri-La, Jacky's Kitchen and Red'n Hot.