Saturday, 22 March 2008

Big Chill

Since yesterday, it is very very cold in Britain, including Birmingham.

Yesterday, waking up, I had this view in front of me.

I went out to the garden to see what was this white stuff, and I found these small bits of ice.

It was hail. In fact, a big noise woke me up early in the evening even though I did not get up.

And today, I went to Cotswolds with three friedns. Our plan was to do some walking and eat nice lunch in a country pub, but with intermittent snow, rain, and hail, it was impossible to take a decent walk.

Look this. We stopped at a farm shop with a real farm, and there was this sympathetic pony that came to greet us.

You see hail on her back?

It was very very cold, indeed. And you say it is later March? You must be kidding.