Thursday, 20 March 2008

Polish Pickled Fish

When I bought Pierogi from a Polish grocery in Birmingham town centre, I got also pickled fish.

Polish Pickled fish Bismarck

This bottle contains 400g (but only 200g of solid mass), and costs 1.50GBP, which I found quite reasonable.

It is not complicated to eat; just pull the fish out of the bottle and then eat! I like to eat it with salad, but should be good also with boiled potato. The Poles seem to eat it also with cream; I tried once, but found it unpalatable.

Considering that many English people like sour food (I am referring to pickled onions, garkins, various sour relishes, and very sour berries), I guess some would like pickled fish.

If you want to try, go to Polish grocers (but recently many Asian grocers and normal supermarkets have Polish food, too). I listed some in this page.