Monday, 3 March 2008

Hello Good-Bye @ Bullring

When I went to the town this Saturday, I noticed there was 1 opening and 1 closure at & near Bullring.

First, a new comer.

Do you recognise this building?

It is situated between Bullring and St. Martin's church, and used to be occupied by Costa Coffee.

As I noticed some activity inside, I got closer and found this poster.

Gloria Jean's Coffee

It will soon be reopened as Gloria Jean's Coffee. I have never heard this name, but it seems to be a pretty large international franchise. It is good that we will have more choice.

And one good-bye.


Pret of Bullring is closing. Actually it was closing Saturday, so should already be closed. It has  always looked strange; closed on Sundays and recently I found it somehow derelict, so the closure is not a surprise.

Evidently this particular lot is specially difficult (Birmingham is difficult, and Bullring is difficult if not as much as the Pavilion). The Tiffin Box, the former occupant, could not last long, and I don't think the former former occupant, which I don't remember, did last long. Before Pret got the place, there was a long interval, so I don't expect someone comes to get it quickly.