Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Piccolino in Oozells Square soon open

Italian restaurant, Piccolino, which will replace Brasserie Blanc in Oozells Square will open soon.


When I passed nearby last weekend the service staff was already being trained. Acording to large posters outside, the opening day will be 23rd (Friday), starting from the noon.

I am looking forward to seeing what they are going to offer. Good luck to them!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Polish Donut

When I went to buy the usual Polish bread from my local Polish grocer, I bought also a donut.

Although it was pretty obvious from the appearance, I asked the guy in the shop what it was. He said "It is Polish. There is marmalade inside". So I asked for one.

I don't know if you see it from the photo, it is larger than usual jam donuts.

Polish donut

This is how it looks inside.

Polish Doughnut

The bread part isn't too oily, and tastes lighter than how it looks. The sugar coating is only on the upper surface, and it gives a right amount of sweetness.

The filling was jam, and not marmalade. Is it maybe bacause the jam is called marmalade in Polish, as well as in Italian? Anyway, the strawberry jam is not very sugarly, and very fruity. I thought that I have to try Polish jam, next time I go there.

For 60p a pop, it is more expensive than at Baker's Oven (larger, though), but cheaper than at Krispy Kreme. Having eaten it, I thought it was reasonable.

The Polish shop sells other types of sweet breads, and I want to try them, too. :)

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Dragon Fruits

Yesterday, I bought and ate something I have never done so far as I can recall.

I did not remember even their name when I bought them, but small stickers on the skin tell me they are Dragon Fruits.

Indeed, I went to buy Passion Fruits, but they did not have any and instead I found these. £1 for four. I thought it is worth a try.

The "meat" is white and rather tasteless: not sweet, no smell, very little flavour. The seeds do not add to the texture, being not as crunchy as kiwi seeds. Star Fruits are reputed to be tasteless, but while I do recognise the flavour of Star Fruits, not I cannot say the same for these Dragons. They are good thirst quencher and that is it. However, I cannot deny they look handsome.

I have so far eaten only one. If the remaining ones taste otherwise, I will report that.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Polish-ish Bread

As I ran out of bread, I bought "Polish bread" from a local Polish grocer. 89p of a loaf of 800g.

I have bought this several times in the past, and I like it very much. It is "Polish" but not imported from Poland; in fact the factory seems to be in the area where I live.

The flour is half wheat and half rye. The colour is very grey-ish comparing to normal white wheat bread and firmer in texture.

It is excellent as toast or as sandwich. I like it less as meal accompaniment, although it is a matter of taste.

Try this if you have a chance!

Cakes from a Chinese bakery

The other day, I bought some cakes from the China Court Bakery in Birmingham Chinatown, as there was something to celebrate. I had bought bread from them but this is the first time I bought sweets.

They sell cakes by slices as well as whole. There were about 10 types to choose from, and I got a cheese cake (left) and a mango cake (right)

This is how it looks like from the side.

mango cake

There are layers of mango mousse and slices sponge cake. They tasted fresh and were very light. For £1.80 a slice it does not come cheap, but not too steep either.

I saw also blue cream cakes. Interesting.

I bought also these pies. £3 for 4 pieces, they are rather expensive.

The label said it contained "custard", but it actually contained something we would call egg york paste.

There was also another version with lotus seed paste for the same price. They were also fine, and I thought they would keep a good company to green tea.

And I bought also Chinese egg tarts. 6 pieces for £3, they were bargain.

I gave them all to other people and they said that they enjoyed them. I need to try them by myself.