Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Specialised publications

As many of the specialised publications don't go into normal public market, we don't seen them in high-street bookshops.

Even if they are in bookshops we just don't go to seem them, if we don't have interest in that particular field. I know there are magazines specialised, say, in fly-fishing, trains or in plastic models, but I just don't have occasion to see them.

For this reason, when I found this magazine in Balti Triangle of Birmingham, I was surprised and could not help laughing.

This is the one.

Tandoori magazine! I would guess it is more about the Asian restaurant business than tandoori oven itself, but it is still very specialised and I would not have ever chance to see it if not in Asian restaurants.

As I saw it inside a restaurant while just passing by, I could not read it, but I would be inclined to visit this restaurant to see what is inside. Big fun.