Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New entries from 24 to 31 March

These are the new entries to Wonderbirmingham between the 24th to the 31st March. Today may April fool, but this is TRUE. Ha.

Birmingham Restaurant Guide

Lahore Buffet (Balti Triangle)

I am not a fan of buffet restaurant, but in the case of Lahore Buffet (aka Lahore Karahi Buffet), I could see the point. It is true that there are rubbishy dishes, but some are as good as at the best balti houses. Although curries are generally oily, for many people, I think, it is the authentic/traditional way how the Asian cook their curries. If you choose well, you can enjoy nice Pakistani food.

England for Food Lovers

Ludlow Food Centre

Very interesting farm shop, which not only sells, but actually produce its own merchandise. We met the managing director, Sandy, who was behind the creation of Chatsworth Farm Shop.

We did not visit the coffee shop, as I ate at The Clive next door, but next time I want to visit it too.