Sunday, 3 June 2007

Yellow Fin Tuna Sashimi

One Saturday I found very good looking tuna in the Indoor Market of Birmingham. This is how it looked like.

This piece costed about £7.5, for a bit less than 500g (was about £15/kilo). I asked the fishmonger if we could eat it raw. She said it must be all right as it was brought in that morning. I don't suppose this meant that it was fished on the same day, but bought in from the wholesale market.

Although I was told that it was safe to eat raw, to be extra-cautious, I decided to marinate one half in shoyu (soy sauce) and the other half in lemon juice and olive oil.

This is Zuke-don. "Zuke" means soy sauce marinated tuna sashimi in Japanese. This came really beautiful. I am not necessarily able to buy such a good tuna everyday even in Japan. I ate it with "Yuzu-kosho", which is Japanese condiment, mixture of a citrus fruit called yuzu and chili.

This is lemon marinated tuna. It was nice, but as nice was the zuke-don.

I would surely buy again, if I find such a good tuna again.