Saturday, 9 June 2007

Eastern Promise @ Lye

I went to an Indian (I am not sure of the nationality, but was probably Bangladeshi) restaurant in Lye, near Stourbridge, with 4 friends.

As I wrote some days ago, Dim and I went to a restaurant called Bengal Lounge in Lye and had very good dinner, so I had high expectations.

The food, however, let me down. I had prawn pathia, but it was too sugarly and had very little or no sourness that pathia dish must have. Besides, it was too red! It should come from food dye. I don't like un-natural, and especially un-necessary colouring in my food.

Prawn pathia at Eastern Promise, Lye

I also had Bindhi bhaji (indian style okra dish) and boiled rice. The quantity of rice was not sufficient to me.

The prawn madras that a friend of mine took was even worse. I don't know why but it was BITTER and it was not enough hot (chili wise) as madras should be.

The other people seemed to fared better. Especially the fish special (of which I don't remember the name) was quite beautiful and tasted good. I did not tried the other two people's dish, but they said ok.

The service, however, was excellent and the waiters very attentive and polite. We were offered free coffee at the end.

The bill of 5 popadoms & dips, 4 main dishes, 4 rice or naans, and 1 special dish (which came with rice) came to less than £45. If the food was a bit better, it would have been better value.

If you are interested to go, the address can be found here: