Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Greek Garlic

Nowadays, all the garlics we can find in market come from far abroad, especially from China. I found organic garlics from the South America, which is still very far.

Some time ago, Dim's mom sent us this garlic from Greece. Evidently in Greece, they still can buy home grown garlic.

They are much larger than Chinese ones, and there is no green part at the centre that I usually find in Chinese garlics. Is it because the Greek ones are fresher, or is it because they are different varieties? I don't know.

Taste is also stronger than Chinese one. Some times Chinese ones do not smell garlic, but these ones do.

When I returned to Japan about 6 months ago, I could not find Chinese garlic any more, and on the supermarket shelves are Japanese garlics prised about £1.5 (US$2.8). My mom told me that the Japanese consumers don't trust Chinese vegetable any more after some incidences of prohibited insecticides found in them.

So far as I know, British consumers still trust vegetables coming from poorer countires. What they care is only carbon foot print issues so far.

Anyway, for the Japanese people who don't use garlics so much, paying 1.5 pounds does not hurt so much, but for us who eat pasta almost every day, it is too expensive. I wonder if we cannot import reasonable garlics from south European countries.