Sunday, 3 June 2007

Balti Triangle Trail 2

Exloring the Balti Triangle. Arriving there, Dim started to say he was hungry, although we did not go there for eating. In fact there were big chunks of steak waiting to be cooked at home. So we decided to buy something from a fastfood shop. He got inspiration from this place called Kafe Karachi. Pakistani, evidently.

Now, he always has problem in deciding what to order, and this occasion was not exception. Boredom for me.

Finally he decided on Chapal Kabab on naan, as we have never seen elsewhere.

It took quite a while to cook the meat on the grill. This is the chapal kabab on naan. Chapal kabab was a big meat patty made with a lot of chili, whole coriander seeds and whole cumin seeds. It was quite spicy. Dim started to complain about the whole seeds in the patty. I found the meat a bit stale. Otherwise ok for this type of food. £3 it was.

This shop was advatising a dish called Nihari offered Saturdays. Being curious, I checked what was Nihari on internet. Basically it is a curry stew made with beef on bones. I eat steak on bone, but beef marrow soup is still scary. I would give it a miss.

This is a large supermarket on Ladypool road. Something about the exterior decoration makes me think of street of Karachi or Islamabad. Inside there are all sorts of "Asian" and "Arabian" foodstuff. Good place to look for exotic ingredients.