Sunday, 3 June 2007

Balti Triangle Trail 3

Ladypool road was rather sad, but we noticed also some new shops. One was Persian restaurant and the other was Lebanese fastfood shop. Are the people getting tired of balti?

Then I found this Indian sweets shop, Milan. I guess it has nothing to do with the Italian fashion capital, or Mr. Berlusconi's football club. In Birmingham, most of the Indian sweets shops are small, rather poor looking, but this outlook impressed us, so we enter. Anyway, there is another big sweets shop also on Stratford Rd.

Inside, the shop was full of sweets, and had also savouries like Samosa, bhaji etc.

Actually we entered to buy these baklava we saw through window. Dim chose some of them just to sample.

When we tasted them at home, we noticed that they were somehow different from the Middle Eastern Baklava. First of all, they were not syrupy.

Especially the rolled ones (left side in the box) were very dry, The square ones (center) had unrecognisable yellow crunchy paste (?) inside. The one looked like a bird nest tasted most similar to real kataifi. The dark brown squre was unknown to us. Dim was disappointed as they were different from the Greek baklava, but they were nice in their own right.

I bought Ras Malai. There were 4 pieces in the packet, and costed £1.8. Ras Malai can take various shapes, and this one is flat oblong. Ras malai are the spongy milk cakes soaked in sweet milk cream. This one tasted good, with a hint of cardamon. It was not too sweets as many of "Indian" sweets. I would buy again.

This is the end of our Balti Triangle trail, but in some time new ones will follow.