Sunday, 3 June 2007

BBQ 2 (Razor Clams)

Another thing I pretty much looking forward to bbq was these.

Razor Clams


I have seen these clams often at the Birmingham central market, but I never had courage to buy, as 1) they are sold only in 10s, 2) relatively expensive, maybe £8 (ca. US$16) for 10. But this time, we were in 8, so we could share the burden.

What part of this shell is razor escapes me.

BBQ in operation. As you see in the photo, the meat shrinks quite a lot and there is not much to eat.

The taste, however, was superb!!! Very dense and deep flavour of sea clams, so intense that we could get quite a big satisfaction with only 1 or 2 clams.

We baked also some oysters, but everyone there agreed that razor clams were much superior bbq shellfish.

According to a friend from Kyushu area of Japan, these clams can be found also in Ariake sea and she used to go and collect them. It is called Mate-Gai in Japanese.

Afterwards we had lamb kebabs, pork and beef, until the early evening. We departed saying that we will bake something even more adventurous next time!