Saturday, 9 June 2007

Cypriot Sweets @ Birmingham Greek Orthodox Church

Sundays we go to the Greek Orthodox church in Birmingham city centre. (Telling you the truth I have not been there for several weeks, as I have been a bit busy recently).

The Sunday liturgy at Greek Orthodox churches is very long: it lasts for a couple of hours. As it is a bit too long for us, we go there in the middle of the service (in fact, the people who attend full service is an absolute minority), and attend it for 1 to 1.5 hour.

After the service, the people of the church offer some food and tea to those who want. As the most of the people there are either Cypriots or Cypriots decendents, the food offered is Cypriot.

In the photo is some examples. Apart from sandwich, there were a kourabies (white round one : kind of crumbly biscuit), karidopita (below kourabies : walnuts cake), and ravani (right side of kourabies : cake soaked in syrup). Frankly speaking, the food is usually hit and miss, but this time all the sweets were very tasty.

These sweets are a kind of reward after the long service. If you want to taste some Cypriot sweets, why don't you come to the Church?