Thursday, 21 June 2007

Chinese Bakery @ Chinatown, B'ham

If you ever have been to the Chinatown of B'ham, you must have seen this bakery.

It is called Wah Kee Bakery. If you have never been, it is in the Arcadian Centre, about next door to Day-In Supermarket, and in front of Arcadian Palace Chinese restaurant.

I have never interested in the shop, but as I have heard good things about it several times, I decided to sample some.

Inside, I found quite interesting range of products, especially kinds of small buns that I thought I could find only in Japan, like curry bun and red bean paste bun.

We tried the pieces in the above. One is Chinese custard tart and the other is sponge cake, 80p each. The tart was average, but the cake was very eggy and tasty.

If you have never visited, I would recommend you to try. I will go back to try other special breads!