Thursday, 7 June 2007

New Polish Grocery "Polka" Open!

A new Polish grocery "Polka" opened near our home a couple of weeks ago, and we went there right after the opening.

Many of the stuff are dry food like biscuits, tinned or bottled foods, instant dried food (Knorr style soup, stew mix etc.), but there is a small fridge in which hams, sausages, cheese and preserved fish are kept.

We decided to sample some.

This is a glass container of preserved herrings. Herrings seemed to be first treated with vinegar, then rolled with shredded onions and carrots, and soaked in oil. I had bought in the past two types of Polish preserved fish from another Polish grocery in Digbeth area of Birmingham, but this one tasted better than those.

This a kind of smoked ham. 470g for £2.74 is cheaper than average British hams, but this is waterier and a bit too salty than my liking.

Not bad, however.

I cut thick slices of it and made ham eggs, and ate with Polish bread. Thick ham slices give me an idea of luxury, as when I was young ham was very expensive in Japan.


For the address, see this page