Sunday, 28 December 2008

Stir-Fried Whelks

Do you remember that I went to Han Dynasty try whelks dish, but slightly frustrated because whelks were frozen, thus probably not British? (If you don't, please read here).

To not to remain defeated, I bought boiled whelks from the Indoor Market and stir-fried them myself.

These are 200g of boiled whelks, £1.20 per 100g, so these cost £2.40 (I bought them on 24th December, so I might have paid Christmas Eve premium; don't know).

I don't know this photo does justice, but 200g was too much for me; if you are going to making a similar dish as I did, you can count 100g per person.

[Sorry for the lack of presentation, but I cannot be bothered to make an effort only for myself.]

I chopped up random vegetables sleeping in the fridge and in cupboard, and stir fried with hoi shin sauce.

The whelks were actually delicious, better than the ones I ate at Han Daynasty (OK, it is rather predictable, isn't it?) I thought, however, hoi shin sauce was too strong for delicate whelks, and next time I will cook them with less strong flavoured condiments.

If you like whelks, it is really well worth trying. Recommended. Just a few pieces of advice are that whelks should either be sliced or chopped in smaller bits, as they are not softest thing and that they should not be cooked in wok too long, as they are already boiled and if you overdo, they become even more rubbery.

Buon appetito!