Wednesday, 10 December 2008

New Entry: Lalehzar

Yesterday, I published a review of Lalehzar, Persian restaurant in Hockley, Birmingham.

As I have already announced in the previous entry, this is a BAD review. So, read it. Bad reviews are always more entertaining than good ones! Well, at least I enjoy more when I read bad ones.


By the way, today I went to Jojolapa in city centre for lunch. I won't be able to write the review until the weekend at the earliest, so a sneak preview.

Two course meal for £9 or £10 (I am not sure here), and you get a generous quantity of delicious food. If you make it for weekday lunch, it is a good deal. I do recommend


It is really cold tonight, but the heater seems to be broken. Have to call the landlord tomorrow, again. Grrrrrr.