Friday, 5 December 2008

Organic Milk

I like organic milk.

Not because it is organic, environment friendly, and animal caring, but because it tastes better.

There are people who can tell good wine from bad wine. I cannot. But, I can tell good milk from bad milk. Ha!

Organic milk tastes sweet and has some kind of umami in it. If you put a glass of organic milk and a glass of normal milk in front of me, I can tell which is which even before drinking it.

Recently, however, I noticed that not all the organic milks taste good. When I lived in Beawood I used to buy it from Somerfield's. It was fine. When ASDA came to Cape Hill, I started to buy ASDA organic milk, which is also good.

Then I tried one from Saintsbury's. Surprise. I could not sense the difference from ordinary milk. I felt cheated and decided never to buy organic milk from Saintsbury's.

Tesco's organic milk tastes slightly better than Sainsbury's, but isn't distinct enough to be 'organic' for me.

Now that I live in Edgbaston Reservoir area, the nearest supermarket is Tesco's and the next one is city centre Sainsbury's. Where I can buy my milk!?

What happens is that I have to go back every weekend to Cape Hill to buy organic milk in ASDA.

But, two days ago, I discovered M&S organic milk is just as good and costs the same (although an iceberg lettuce costs 99p in M&S while in other supermarket I can find for less than 80p). It is also very creamy (I wanted semi-skimmed, but I god full-fat one, as the organic semi-skimmed they had were to expire in 2 days!); I can see the buttery substance sticking at the top of the bottle. I went to Harborne M&S, but the city centre one should sell the same thing.

Did you imagine the quality of milk is so different from one supermarket to the other? Certainly I did not.