Saturday, 13 December 2008

Turner's again

Yesterday I returned to Turner's in Harborne for Christmas lunch, alone.

I discovred that I enjoy eating alone in good restaurants. To me, savouring is just like appreciating paintings or music: if you cannot find a good companion with similar taste, you'd fare better enjoying alone, because, otherwise, they will ruin your enjoyment with irrelevant - no matter how interesting - conversations distracting you from the art or music. I do go to social meals, but in these occasions, I don't expect to be able to concentrate on food. In such occasions where and what I eat have secondary importance.

Well, Turners.

I had a £20 per 3 course Christmas lunch, not because I wanted to feel Christmassy, but because there was no usual 3 course for £17.50 deal. Although it cost extra £2.50, having got an amuse-bouche and a very elaborate main course, I am totally satisfied and not in the least feel ripped off.

I am not sure if I am going to write a review on this meal, as I have just written and published one. And maybe there are people who don't want to see what they will get before actually eating it (different from usual lunch menu that changes everyday, the Christmas lunch menu stays the same for December). I might show the dishes on this blog later in the year, after Christmas.

What I love about Turner's is that there is no compromise in ingredients and in cooking. Even if Mr. Turner use cheaper ingredients and spend less time in preparing dishes, I don't think most of the people will notice. But he wouldn't. There is no trick at all. I feel that I am given all that he can do for the money I give, or, rather, more than I can expect for what I pay.

I already placed next reservation in January and am very much looking forward to that.