Saturday, 20 December 2008

New Entry: Rajdoot Tandoori

This week I went to Rajdoot Tandoori and sampled Christmas lunch.

Rajdoot Tandoori

Truth or not, Rajdoot claims to be the first to introduce tandoori oven to UK (their website says 'Europe', but I assume this Europe includes Great Britain).


The name Rajdoot reminds me of an Indian guy I met in Birmingham. He was from South India and was doing PhD when we met. We used to live in the same area of Birmingham and to take sometimes the same bus from the University to our flats.

He was a very handsome guy, although too short to be really good looking. He had a really nice character as well and was always oozing his kindness and charm. He was here with his wife and I thought it cool how nicely he treated his wife. We used to chat in the bus when it happened. So, it was not a great relationship, but he was one of these persons that you cannot forget and don't want to forget in your life.

He must have been very good in his subject and, when he finished PhD, he was invited to do PosDoc in Princeton.

It was about two years ago, but I often remember about him, when I take a bus home from the uni. His name was Rajdoot.