Tuesday, 23 December 2008

December Balti Triangle Walk 2

Apart from the restaurants, another thing that I look forward to seeing in Balti Triangle are fresh and/or exotic vegetables.

Here are some examples.


Evidently it is a kind of gourd.

These green leaves are over-grown rocket.

I bought these. The leaves can be eaten as salad and the stalks in stir-fry. Yum yum. And only 60p a bunch.

Red mooli (radish).

I don't know how they taste like.

And these. Look like chesnuts, but these are 'Sangara' according to the name plate.

I heard that they taste like water-chesnuts. To be boiled to eat.


Although these were very interesting, I did not buy them, as they did not look fresh enough.

Balti Triangle walk continues...