Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Mashwii Arabian Restaurant in Small Heath

Yesterday, we went to Mashwii Arabian Restaurant in Small Heath for lunch. We did go there, but we didn't eat, as it was closed. At least, however, I took some photos.

Their website tells us that they are open from the noon, but to tell you the truth, I have heard that it is not open at noon. It seems to open some time after the noon, but I don't know when. Pity.

Outside, I saw this banner publicising buffet dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 4 to 11 PM, for £8.95. I am not a buffet person, but it might be a good occasion to try out as many dishes as possible.

N.B. This photo is taken on 28 April 2008; I cannot guarantee if this offer is still valid at the moment you read this post. Please call to make sure. Phone number is 0121 766 5300.

You can find the address on the page below.


Instead, we went to a Somalian restaurant, and had a great meal only for £5. I am not sure, however, if I write a review, if it is not a place for anybody.