Saturday, 26 April 2008

St. George's Day in Birmingham

Today there was St. George's Day festival in Birmingham. St. George's Day really is the 24th April, but as it happens often to the religious festivals in UK, the festive activities are moved to the weekend so that those who work or go to school during the weekdays can participate. I don't think I have to say St. George is the patron saint of England, but I have already done. ha ha ha.

As it was such a sunny, warm, and wonderful day, I took some pictures.

This is a concert stage in the Victoria Square.

When I passed walking, a band was playing what I would recognise as Irish music. BUT, as I don't know "English" music, it might well have been "English" music.

Next, Mary-go-round. There was a lot of children riding it.

Mary-go-round is very shiny. Its decoration has something very baroque about it.

At the same time there was another evening in Chamberlain Square. These are the guys who were preparing for Morris Dance performance.

It is interesting that the Morris dancers ware cheerful (non manly) garment and bare objects usually associated with women (flower, handkerchief, ribbons). There should be explanations to it.

When I was there, childen and some adults were performing this.

I don't know what it is called. I see this on tv and in movies from time to time, but I have never grasped what they were doing. It is something that has never introduced in Japan.

It was such a lovely day, and all those who participated in the festival must have enjoyed it to full.