Friday, 4 April 2008

Ethiopian Restaurant Savannah Birmingham

I found an Ethiopian restaurant from the bus and could not wait for the weekend to visit, so I went with D yesterday.

I have already checked the menu and knew that D, who is doing Orthodox Lenten fasting, can find something to eat. This is how it looks during the day time, but we went there yesterday (Thurs. 4 April, '08).

The signage says it serves Eritrean, Ethiopian and East African cuisine, but I know nothing about the food of this area.

I am going to write a review over the weekend, but for now I can say that the food was good and inexpensive. Only negative thing that I can say was that the food was served lukewarm rather than hot, but D and I both thought there are enough positive points that can compensate. It is also very vegetarian friendly.

It has opened just a month ago. If you want to try something new, please do go! I list the address on the usual Birmingham Restaurant Directory Page.

Post Scriptum: I reviewed this place here.