Saturday, 26 April 2008

Brasserie Bluu (Birmingham)

Last Sunday I spotted a new restaurant in Summer Row. Near Apres, Menchu and Rajdoot Tandoori.

Bluu, Birmingham

I pass here sometimes, being close to the Orthodox church I go. I think it opened within 2 months. This time, I went close and took a look at the menu (if you don't know yet, menu-reading is one of my favorite hobbies).

Starters range between £4.50 and 6.50, mains mostly between £10 and 15 (but fillet steak is £19), and puddings £5.50. For lunch and afternoon, it serves also sandwiches for £6.50 to 7.50. Rather expensive for Birmingham standard, but not prohibitively so. Some of the items in the menu sound appetizing, like 'Pan fried Scottish Salmon, leek and ginger potato cake, saffron mussel chowder, sauteed spring greens', or 'Pan fried Goosnargh duck breast, sticky red cabbage, parmentier potatoes'. On Sundays, it has a set meal for £12.50 and £15 (2 and 3 course respectively), but it roast-centred and sounds less interesting than a la carte menu.

According to the website, there are also sister restaurants in London, Nottingham and Manchester. Here is the website , if you are interested. It is a very artistic (in a video-game sense) website, but it takes some time to give out necessary information, so browse it when you have time. ;)