Sunday, 27 April 2008

Woktastik in Paradise

I have always thought Paradise Forum is an ironic name, as it has little to remind me of Paradise (but they finally removed that terrible rotating door, wow!).

Going out from Paradise Forum toward the Centenary Square, on the left side, there used to be an Italian restaurant called La Vita, which many might remember as its former incarnation, La Galleria. It has been closed for many months, but finally the premises are taken by a new tenant (which is selling the tables and chairs of La Vita, if you are interested).

It is called Woktastic Noodle and Sushi Bar. However terrible its name, it looks more suitable for the clientel of the area than an expensive Italian restaurant. If they serve half-decent sushi (I don't mind belt-conveyor one), I might go, too. Looking forward to see what they will offer.