Saturday, 10 May 2008

Cakes from a Chinese bakery

The other day, I bought some cakes from the China Court Bakery in Birmingham Chinatown, as there was something to celebrate. I had bought bread from them but this is the first time I bought sweets.

They sell cakes by slices as well as whole. There were about 10 types to choose from, and I got a cheese cake (left) and a mango cake (right)

This is how it looks like from the side.

mango cake

There are layers of mango mousse and slices sponge cake. They tasted fresh and were very light. For £1.80 a slice it does not come cheap, but not too steep either.

I saw also blue cream cakes. Interesting.

I bought also these pies. £3 for 4 pieces, they are rather expensive.

The label said it contained "custard", but it actually contained something we would call egg york paste.

There was also another version with lotus seed paste for the same price. They were also fine, and I thought they would keep a good company to green tea.

And I bought also Chinese egg tarts. 6 pieces for £3, they were bargain.

I gave them all to other people and they said that they enjoyed them. I need to try them by myself.