Saturday, 23 February 2008

Moseley Farmers' Market

Today was the 4th Saturday of the month, which is the Farmers' Market day for Moseley.

I did not need to buy anything, but I went there also to take some photos of Moseley area for WonderBirmingham website.

I took the bus No. 50. There was a road work on Moseley Road, and it took quite a white to arrive at Moseley.

This is how it was at around 12 o'clock.

Moseley Farmers' Market

It was larger than what I remember, and maybe there were more stalls than at Harborne's market.

Moseley Farmers' Market

I found there some sellers whom I saw in Stratford a week ago, like Hilltop Farm, Woodhouse Farm, and the apple man. There was of course the ostrich burger stall, too. I have seen some also at Harborne. It is unavoidable that the same sellers come, as the places are so close. And, for some reason, the fishmonger close to my house has a stall, too.

I noticed also the restaurant Deolali installed a stall selling kebab on nan for £3. Clever people.

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I did not buy anything (also because I did not want to go home right away), but took many photos.

After the stroll, I started to feel hungry, so went into this balti house + sweet centre to buy some samosas.

Sheereen Kadah

This is one of them. I bought two veggie and two meat samosas, and paid £2.20, Samosas are cheaper in the area I live, but I think this is the average price. I got also two dips, but I don't know if I was charge for it.


This is meat samosa. Meat filling was generous and nicely spiced. The quality of the mince was not the best and had some hard bits, but we cannot really expect high quality mince for this price. It was nice enough.

Meat samosa

This is the vegetarian version. I put some mint yogurt sauce. It was nice enough, but I would have preferred little more chili, yes, green chili.

Vegetable samosa

There are a few restaurants in Moseley that I want to visit, but with so many places to visit and to revisit, I don't know when I will be able to. *sigh*

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