Monday, 25 February 2008

Sunday Roast

When I went to Stratford a week ago, I bought this meat from Farmers' Market.

It costed me £6.49 for 866g. It is £7.46/kilo. According to Tesco Price Check, the same thing costs £5.98 at the 4 majour supermarkets. So it is a bit expensive, but as  it comes from a nearby farm, I can take it as a premium.

In Britain, people make roast meat on Sundays, so I followed their example and did the same.

This is the outcome.

It looks pretty appetising, doesn't it?

I sliced it into thick pieces.

The meat was successfully still pink in the middle. I would preferred more red, but as Dim prefers his meat well-done, this is a good point of compromise. It contained just quantity of fat.

We tucked into, and found it really tender and juicy. It was one of the best lamb dishes I have ever eaten. I don't know the success was due to the quality of meat or to my cooking skill. :)

As we could not finished it up, it became chili-con-carne the day after, and the chili-carne-became the meat sauce for oven baked pasta the day after that. One block of meat became our three meals; good value, isn't it?