Friday, 22 February 2008

New Lebanese Restaurant found

Yesterday I went to Blue Mango for dinner. I like very much the food there. The review will follow, and when I upload it, I will let you know.

On my way to the town centre, I found a new restaurant from the bus window. So I jumped off from the bus and took this photo.

Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

Yes. It is Lebanese! It is most welcome, as there is no decent Arabic place in the town centre.

I entered inside and grabbed a take-away menu, and asked the guys in the kitchen when they opend. They said it was 2 months ago. Not that recent, but I have never noticed until yesterday.

I have already made an entry to my Birmingham Restaurant Listing. Take a look if you are interested. I would like to try it during the weekend.

P.S. Oi, I finally managed to go there: please refer to "Beirut review" on WonderBirmingham site! (22 March 2008)