Friday, 14 November 2008

The Victoria

Today a friend of mine took me to the opening of the pub Victoria, next to the Alexandra Theatre.

It is a old pub in a old building, but this guy, Alan, I think was his name, refurbished and reopened.

The decor is a mixture of old and new: the floor is covered with patterned carpet but the wall is decorated with the modern painting like these.

The theme is "monsters descended onto the earth" or something like that. It is not my favourite type of painting, but definitely unique as pub wall painting.

Ecclectic is the decor, so is the clientel. Tonight there were a bunch of elderly people and and a bunch of twenty-something people, and not so many representing the generation inbetween.

There is a small stage/theatre on the first floor, and tonight there was a rock band playing. Next week, the friend is putting her play there and I am looking forward to it. Will put some information here as well.