Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tortilla Wraps

Recently I discovered tortilla wraps.

The first wraps I bought were from ALDI, maybe a few years ago. Unfortunately these from ALDI were way too salty and I made up my mind not to buy them ever again.

Then, more recently I bought wrap sandwiches, again from ALDI. They were delicious. Evidently the tortillas they sell as bread and they sell as sandwich come from different companies.

I started to buy tortilla bread from supermarkets for my lunch. They are very handy to handle (put some butter, add any filling and then roll up!), have longer life than normal bread, and keep very well in fridge.

Not that I have tried many companies, but for now, my favourite is the wraps made by a company called Mission Foods in Coventry (the parent company is based in the state of Texas, USA:

Judging from the smell, they must be using good quality wheat flour. Texture is firm but not hard or dry. Very nice. If anyone from Mission Foods is reading this, "Keep up with the good work!"

On the other day, I tried wraps from LIDL.

I rarely discard food, but I think I should with these. The texture is so dry and weak that they start to fall apart when you try to roll them up. More seriously, as the ones I bought from ALDI, these are too salty.

I checked the nutritional information on the package. The Mission wrap contains 0.54g of sodium per 100 g, while LIDL wraps has 1.2g per 100g. More than double! No wonder why I found them so salty. According to the information on the package itself, 1 serving of LIDL wrap gives 31% of recommended daily intake of salt per day. It seems almost criminal to me.

So, everyone, be careful when you choose your tortilla wraps!