Saturday, 22 November 2008

Birmingham Craft Fair etc

Today I noticed that Birmingham Craft Fair has started.

It is held in Chamberlain Square and Centenary Way continuing from Frankfurt Christmas Market in the Victoria Square.

There are fair amount of art and craft, but there are foods as well. This is sausage burger stall in Centenary Way. Regular sausage bap is £2.20, so it is slightly cheaper than German sausage hot dog. Burgers are about £3. The smell was very tempting, but, not being a burger person or sausage woman, I happily gave it a miss.

Actually, I was on my way to Dudley Road. That is why I did not go to Chamberlain Square to see the Craft Market, but took a pedestrian way to the bus stop.

Near the stop, I saw this.

The New Year Eve Bollywood Ball in Holiday Inn? Mmmmh.

Sounds entertaining, but I am not a party person either (and I won't be in Brum anyway). If you are interested, check out Itihaas web page.

Click the flier on the right up corner. A ticket costs £65 for 3 course meal catered by Itihaas, unlimited amount of drink, and live music and DJ.

By the way, this is not a publicity. I am just being curious.

The reason I went to Dudley Road was to visit a new Indian restaurant! I did not have curry, but had a big fish! It was about 30 cm long and cost only £5.99.

I will write about it more in detail very soon.