Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sausage Alert!

Walking around the Christmas Market area, I noticed a new stall selling "German" sausages.

I think they are new comer of this year. In the German sausage stalls we are already familiar with, big sausages are grilled on charcoal, as I posted about two weeks ago.

Instead, in this new stall, slimmer sausages are boiled in hot water. They are slightly smoky "Frankfurt Sausages" that can be more easily found in European Supermarket like ALDI and LIDL. The price is the same £2.50 as the charcoal grilled ones.

It might be unfair to say this without actually eating it, but I would recommend the charcoal grilled sausages. If you know this and still want to buy, it is perfectly OK, but just don't confuse this seller with the other German sellers.

As part of the Craft Market, The Parson's Nose is now selling sausages burgers.

They are British sausages makers in Worcestershire and I guess most of people already know, as they are regular presence in Farmers' Market in Birmingham area.

I don't like British sausages no matter how good the quality is, but freinds say they are pretty good. There is much shorter queue here than in front of the charcoal grilled German sausage stalls, so if you cannot wait, they may be a good alternative.