Saturday, 15 November 2008

German Sausages in German Market

Birmingham Christmas Market started this Tursday. It will continue until 24 December. If you are not Brummie and have never seen it, it is worth visiting. Visit Birmingham now!

Anyway, I went to check this year's German sausage.

Sausages cooking...

A German sausage with a piece of bread costs £2.50 as last year. In fact, I don't think the price has ever increased during my years in Birmingham (almost 5 years).

You pay at the counter telling them if you want red or white sausage. They will give you a token in exchange. You should leave it on the counter, and vendors will give you the sausage taking away the token. You put ketchap and mustard as much as you want.

I had an impression that the sausages are now longer, but at least the red one I ate was not as nice as in past years, even though it was still delicious. But I am not at all sure. Did anyone have the same feeling as mine?