Sunday, 20 May 2007

Morbier Cheese and Summerset Brie


I don't eat much of cheese, but I do like good quality cheese. In England cheese culture is not as interesting as in France or Italy, and in normal supermarket shelves it is difficult to get hold of good quality cheese.

So, sometimes we go to House of Fraser's cheese counter and buy a bit expensive cheese. As said, as I don't eat much cheese, we can afford a couple of quid more.


I usually go for British cheese, but for this time my husband wanted to try French one. So I chose this less expensive one called Morbier. It was the first time we tried this cheese. It is nice but a bit bitter to me, but he liked it. It is half hard, creamy cheese, with a bit of bitterness.

Summerset Brie

I liked more was this Summerset Brie cheese. It was on half-price offer, 99p for 100g. I don't like so much Brie, but this one was really really yummie. So soft and creamy. Probably I don't like just cheap Bries.