Saturday, 19 May 2007

Harborne Farmers Market

Here, there are food markets called farmers' markets. It is ad hoc market stalls open only once or twice a month. Stalls are installed by small producers or marchants who have close contact to local producers.

Also in Birmingham there are several farmers' markets, and one in Harborne and another in Bearwood are close to where I live.

Last weekend we went to Harborne farmers' market.

I bought Woodhouse Farm's cholizo sausages and hand-made butter. Both very nice. I buy these sausages every time, because, quite different from British sausages, they don't contain bread crumbs and meat bits are rather large as Meditteranean sausages. The butter costed £1.60 for 250g. Lurpak butter costs £1 for 250g, so it is not too expensive. I

My husband, instad, got bored and bought for himself a sausage burger.

I tasted one bite, but sorry, British sausage is not for me.