Sunday, 6 May 2007

Birmingham Baking Tin

I love cooking and also cooking ware.

The other day, I found this baking tin on discounted price (13 down to 8 pounds). Still It was more expensive than more ordinary ones, but I could not resist. It was supposed to be rasagna bakingware.

I saw once this "Mermaid" tin publicised on Delia Smith website and have been very curious as she recommended ceramic bakeware over metal ones in her best and long seller (I read that one in 5 British households posesses a copy) Delia's Complete Cookery Course as metal bakeware eventuary get deformed.

Another reason that attracted me was that it was made in Birmingham.

I thought this would be a good souvenir of this period of my life in Birmingham.


So far I cooked oven roast potatos, galaktoboureko (Greek semolina custard pie in photo), and oven baked pasta, and it worked well. It has non-stick effect (anodised alminium), and is easy to clean. One shortcoming is that its lack of wider rim makes it difficult to handle and to hold.

I don't know if the price justified, but I am quite happy to possess this Birmingham product.