Sunday, 13 May 2007

Iranian biscuits

Close to the University of Birmingham where I work there is a small Middle-Eastern grocery. I go there from time to time, as I like Middle Eastern food and they have also some Greek stuff.

Among the sweets section I found this box.

It is unusually in a sense that it was not glossy factory package; it is kind of a box that you get from pastry shop. I don’t read Arabic, but it is probably Iranian, as the shop is Iranian. (If someone know the language, please let me know what is written). A box costs 1.89 pounds and contains quite a lot.

This is what I found inside.

They are so beautiful! Egg-yolky yellow pastry decorated with white coconuts and green pistachio; just a kind of colour combination appeal to my appetite.

This is a single piece. The thin and crispy pastry is rolled with confectionary sugar.

Now, taste. The predominant flavour is that of egg. It is quite sweet, but not so sticky sweet as many of the Middle Eastern sweets. I felt also some spice, probably ginger powder. They go really well with coffee and tea.