Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Polish Donut

When I went to buy the usual Polish bread from my local Polish grocer, I bought also a donut.

Although it was pretty obvious from the appearance, I asked the guy in the shop what it was. He said "It is Polish. There is marmalade inside". So I asked for one.

I don't know if you see it from the photo, it is larger than usual jam donuts.

Polish donut

This is how it looks inside.

Polish Doughnut

The bread part isn't too oily, and tastes lighter than how it looks. The sugar coating is only on the upper surface, and it gives a right amount of sweetness.

The filling was jam, and not marmalade. Is it maybe bacause the jam is called marmalade in Polish, as well as in Italian? Anyway, the strawberry jam is not very sugarly, and very fruity. I thought that I have to try Polish jam, next time I go there.

For 60p a pop, it is more expensive than at Baker's Oven (larger, though), but cheaper than at Krispy Kreme. Having eaten it, I thought it was reasonable.

The Polish shop sells other types of sweet breads, and I want to try them, too. :)