Sunday, 11 May 2008

Dragon Fruits

Yesterday, I bought and ate something I have never done so far as I can recall.

I did not remember even their name when I bought them, but small stickers on the skin tell me they are Dragon Fruits.

Indeed, I went to buy Passion Fruits, but they did not have any and instead I found these. £1 for four. I thought it is worth a try.

The "meat" is white and rather tasteless: not sweet, no smell, very little flavour. The seeds do not add to the texture, being not as crunchy as kiwi seeds. Star Fruits are reputed to be tasteless, but while I do recognise the flavour of Star Fruits, not I cannot say the same for these Dragons. They are good thirst quencher and that is it. However, I cannot deny they look handsome.

I have so far eaten only one. If the remaining ones taste otherwise, I will report that.