Thursday, 7 August 2008

Very Berry Swirl!

I don't like so much Starbuck's coffee, not to mention sugar-infested, artificially scented milky coffee-like drinks, but from time to time, we go to the brunch in Martineau Square, because we can enjoy coffee on the first floor terrace in the open air without being annoyed by street dust and noise.

The other day, we had also this sweet bread called Very Berry Swirl.

Starbuck's Very Berry Swirl

It, in fact, was pretty good! It was tangy because of the berry and sweet and rich because of the egg and butter (or whatever fat) in the bread.

Section. You see how yellow the bread is? Mmmmmmmh.

Starbuck's Verry Berry Swirl

I was supposed to share this with Husband, but I ate at least 3/4 of it. Try it out, if you like this kind of stuff!